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Spring Hill, TN Concrete Patios by Concrete Mystique

Concrete Mystique is an award-winning and world-class decorative concrete contractor offering concrete patio services in Spring Hill, TN. We offer a wide range of solutions for building, upgrading, and repairing concrete patios in Spring Hill.

Turn Your Plain, Old, or Cracked Concrete Patio Into A Beautiful Living Space

Get the patio of your dreams with decorative concrete. We specialize in the following:

  • Stained concrete patios
  • Polished concrete patios
  • Stamped concrete patios
  • Concrete patio resurfacing

We can help you find the type, design, pattern, and color of concrete that can best accentuate your home’s architectural style and fit your aesthetic and lifestyle needs.

Concrete Patio Art Designs

Our team of experienced and trained concrete patio contractors understands what it takes to create concrete patio designs that bring a new level of artistry and creativity into your home. 

We offer a range of designs, patterns, finishes, and styles to bring your vision into reality. We also offer customized design, installation, and sealing concrete patio services to turn any dull or boring concrete surface into a stylish and functional one.

Stained Concrete Patios

A stained concrete patio is one of the top options for many homeowners today because of its beautiful appearance, durability and resilience, low-maintenance requirements, and allergen-free and environmentally friendly features. 

Concrete Mystique can install stained concrete on your patio. We can apply a variety of colors and concrete finishes for patios to get you that luxurious or rustic look you’re going for.

Concrete Patio Overlays

One of the best ways to get a charming concrete patio makeover is to use concrete overlays. Overlays can improve the strength and durability of an existing concrete surface, while also improving its color, pattern, and texture.

If you only need some minor patio concrete repair work or concrete patio resurfacing, overlays offer a quick and easy fix that won’t break the bank. They’re a great way to resurface and refresh worn-out and damaged patio floors.

Stamped Concrete Patios

Stamped, imprinted concrete, or textured concrete is designed to resemble other types of materials such as brick, slate, tile, stone, and even wood. They’re the perfect choice for patios because they meet a wide range of design requirements while still offering superior weather resistance and durability.

concrete patio Nashville TN

Decorative Concrete Patios FAQ

Concrete patios can be engraved and textured to create unique designs and patterns. You can do concrete engraving to make your patio floors look like cobblestone, decorative tiles, brick, or natural stones.

Antioch decorative concrete patios by Concrete Mystique are versatile, cost-effective, durable, resilient, and visually appealing. Our expert concrete patio installation team offers different customizing options to match your home’s exteriors and other design needs

The concrete slab for patios should be, at most, four inches thick. If the structure is going to support another structure such as a hot tub or a gazebo, the thickness can be increased up to eight inches.

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Our Concrete Patio Promise

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We customize your driveway to your most ideal specifications!

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Our concrete work is insured, bonded & guaranteed!

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Whether you’re looking for a complete patio makeover, or you just want a simple concrete overlay, Concrete Mystique has the team to accomplish any of your patio dreams. Give us a call today at (615) 828-3806 to get a free estimate.

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