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Your backyard pool deck is the focal point of your outdoor living space and an ideal place for pool days and family BBQs. If you’re ready to upgrade your pool deck, consider our services for decorative concrete pool decks in Nashville, TN. Our team will work with you from start to finish to revamp your existing concrete and create an outdoor space you’ll want to show off to all your family and friends.

Concrete Mystique is known for its award-winning decorative concrete designs that are applied to patios, driveways, walkways, and more. Our concrete contractors have the expertise to transform your old, damaged patio into an elegant and safe work of art. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Concrete Pool Decks Design Ideas

Unlimited Concrete Pool Deck Ideas And Styles To Choose From.

Turn Your Plain Concrete Pool Deck Into a Work Of Art

If you’ve looked at your favorite home decor magazines lately, you probably have your dream outdoor space already envisioned. With our concrete pool deck resurfacing services, you can achieve the look you want at an affordable price.

Custom Engraved Concrete Designs

Custom engraved concrete surfaces are created using specialized equipment that carve permanent designs that won’t wear off over time. Since the patterns are engraved into the concrete, the design options are endless.

Stained Concrete Finishes

Adding some color will bring your concrete deck to life. The staining process yields rich, long-lasting hues that enhance engravings, overlays, and the colors and textures that you want for your outdoor living space. From bright blues and reds, to elegant creams and greys, the sky’s the limit when it comes to stained concrete.

Concrete Overlays

When it comes to pool decks, safety is a valid concern. Families with children running around and playing in the pool can be a recipe for disaster if the deck isn’t slip resistant. Our brushed concrete services are the perfect solution. They add beautiful texture and slip resistance. With a concrete overlay, your concrete pool deck will not only look like new, but it will function better as well.

Stamped Concrete

You can’t go wrong with a stamped concrete pool deck. With stamped concrete, your design options are nearly endless. Not only can we create beautiful designs that mimic the look of wood, stone, and other materials, but this option is also affordable and low maintenance, which is ideal for a busy homeowner.

Decorative Concrete Pool Deck FAQs

We have an extensive portfolio of engraved designs but will never turn down the opportunity to create something new with our clients and bring their vision to life.

We’ll begin by performing an inspection and recommend any necessary repairs. Our concrete pool deck contractors prepare the space for new concrete and decorative engraving. We finish off the job with a coating that seals the concrete and protects against chemicals and ultraviolet light.

Stamped concrete is an excellent choice for updating your concrete pool deck. This option offers numerous style alternatives, and we add coatings to the concrete that increase safety and functionality.

Ultimately, the best ideas for decorative concrete pool decks in Nashville, TN are a matter of personal style. Our artists can help you achieve the look that you want by assessing your pool’s layout, evaluating your home’s exterior design, and determining what works best for you and how you plan to use your outdoor space.

Our Happy Clients!

We have done awesome work for our clients. See what they have to say about our services.

Rick and his team custom-designed our entire home entrance. From the front porch, stairs to the driveway, we got it all redone without tearing it all out. We were considering stamped concrete patterns, but we got something a lot better looking with Rick’s advice. Every visitor likes to stop and appreciate the beautiful work done by these guys. High-quality craftsmanship and a great experience. 10-stars

Roland Stanley

Nashville, TN


We found Concrete Mystique when looking for a concrete patio contractor near us and when we looked at their patio pictures on their website, we were sold. I could never have imagined getting a fully customed patio the way Concrete Mystique did it for us. They are absolutely worth every penny. Everyone who comes to our home always compliments us on our unique concrete patio.

Michael Litten

Nashville, TN


For all of your concrete resurfacing and repair needs give us a call at (615) 828-3806 to get a free estimate.

A Trusted Name In Concrete Pool Decks

Custom Designs

We customize your concrete pool decks to your desires.

Guaranteed Durability

All concrete pool decks are built to last by experienced professionals.

Affordable Options

Beautiful pool decks you can enjoy without breaking the bank!

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