Exquisite Concrete Driveways
- Serving Nashville TN and surrounding areas -

Exquisite Concrete Driveways
- Serving Nashville TN and surrounding areas -

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Your driveway can be more than a slab of concrete. For Concrete Mystique, every driveway can also be a work of art that reflects your home. We offer unparalleled concrete driveway makeovers with a variety of decorative finishes in Nashville, Tennessee.

Turn Your Gray Concrete Driveway Into a Masterpiece

If you’re interested in decorative concrete driveways in Nashville, TN, then you are not alone. At Concrete Mystique, we believe that your driveway can be more than a dull, gray slab. It can be a beautiful work of art that adds curb appeal and value to your home.

Custom Concrete Driveway Designs

Unlimited Concrete Driveways Ideas And Styles To Choose From.

Concrete Engraved Art in Concrete Driveways

One method we employ is engraved concrete driveway art. We use precision tools to carve the pattern of your choice into the surface. This permanently transforms your driveway. There are unlimited patterns and designs to consider, and we can work with you to create a custom look.

Stained Concrete Driveways

Concrete staining for driveways is another great option. When you stain concrete, a colored layer is applied to the top, transforming it from a dull grey to a radiant color. Stained concrete certainly provides a distinctive finish, but it must be sealed yearly to maintain its appearance.

Concrete Driveway Overlays

Driveway concrete overlays also change the look of your current concrete. With an overlay, a thin layer of concrete is laid over the top of the current driveway. This layer can be colored any way you’d like. The advantage of an overlay is that it can cover cracks that make your driveway look old and outdated

Stamped Concrete Driveways

To give your driveway more texture, you might try stamped concrete. Stamped concrete imprints designs or shapes into the surface. With this effect, your driveway does not have to look like concrete at all. Instead, it can take on the look of brick or pavers.

Decorative Concrete Driveways FAQ

You may be interested in decorative concrete driveways in Nashville TN, but you could still have some questions.

The great thing about engraving is that it can be individualized. The options are limitless. Many people opt for simple engraving to add geometric shapes that look like tiles or stone. Discuss the possibilities with an experienced concrete expert.

Stained concrete can fade over time if not cared for properly. However, if you take the time to appropriately seal your concrete on a yearly basis, the stain can endure for years. In fact, with the right maintenance, your stained concrete may last a lifetime.

Stamped concrete refers to creating patterns in freshly laid concrete. An overlay, on the other hand, is a thin layer of fresh concrete being laid on top of the existing concrete surface. The end result may look very similar, but the process involved can vary dramatically.

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Though it has been several years since Concrete Mystique redid the concrete subfloor in my basement living area, it remains beautiful!  The engraving & color are still vibrant!  I receive compliments from first-time visitors even now!  Note:  the only reason for this late review, is I am new to Yelp.

Cynthia D.

Nashville, TN


Rick helped us diagnose our issue and suggested a few tests to see if that was our problem.  He was very scientific with our problem solving and really seemed interested in helping us with the issue.   His history includes multiple large and resident works around Nashville. 

Dave D.

Nashville, TN


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