Concrete Patios
- Serving Nashville and surrounding areas -

Concrete Patios
- Serving Nashville and surrounding areas -

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As an award-winning decorative concrete contractor, Concrete Mystique strives to provide the finest patio makeover services in Nashville. Our decorative concrete patios are proof positive that even the dullest gray slab can be transformed into a work of art. We turn patio dreams into reality on a daily basis.

Turn Your Plain Concrete Patio Into A Masterpiece

When you have the pros from Concrete Mystique on your team, there's no limit to what can be achieved as far as concrete patios are concerned.

Concrete Engraved Art in Patios

Concrete patio engraving can easily turn any old humdrum surface into a breathtaking display. Armed with the latest tools and cutting-edge techniques, our artisans can etch any pattern into your concrete patios. No design or aesthetic is beyond the capabilities of our seasoned team of world-class craftsmen.

Stained Concrete Patios

Done properly, a stained concrete patio complements an outdoor space like no other. Unlike painted patios, stained patios allow the rough and raw qualities of concrete to shine through any hue. The Concrete Mystique team can achieve any look using a variety of acid-based stains that stand up to the elements.

Concrete Patio Overlays

If you have an existing patio that’s showing its age, an overlay can breathe new life into tired concrete. At Concrete Mystique, we excel at concrete patio resurfacing and overlay application. We’ll go the extra mile to ensure that your cement-based overlay matches the old patio and adds value.

Stamped Concrete Patios

When it comes to creating a unique layout, a stamped concrete patio can’t be beat in terms of both beauty and return on investment. The crew at Concrete Mystique can emulate any material from wood to tile with little more than etching tools, custom pre-fabricated forms and elbow grease.

Decorative Concrete Patios FAQ

You may be interested in decorative concrete patios in Nashville TN, but you could still have some questions.

Anything your heart desires. The great thing about concrete is that it’s a surprisingly pliable medium to work with if you know what you’re doing. We can scribe everything from abstract art to family crests in any slab. If you have an idea, we can make it happen.
At a bare minimum, stained concrete will retain its looks for literal decades. When you stain a slab of patio concrete, you’re using an acid-based product that impregnates the underlying material with pigments. Once sealed, those colors won’t run until years of rain and UV radiation have done their work.
In a nutshell, a stamped surface generally implies a new concrete slab that’s been molded at the outset to resemble a certain pattern. An overlay is a new layer of concrete added to an existing patio. Overlays can be stamped or etched themselves depending on the desires of the client.

Our Happy Clients!

We have done awesome work for our clients. See what they have to say about our services.

Though it has been several years since Concrete Mystique redid the concrete subfloor in my basement living area, it remains beautiful!  The engraving & color are still vibrant!  I receive compliments from first-time visitors even now!  Note:  the only reason for this late review, is I am new to Yelp.

Cynthia D.

Nashville, TN


Rick helped us diagnose our issue and suggested a few tests to see if that was our problem.  He was very scientific with our problem solving and really seemed interested in helping us with the issue.   His history includes multiple large and resident works around Nashville. 

Dave D.

Nashville, TN


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We customize your driveway to your most ideal specifications!

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Our concrete work is insured, bonded & guaranteed!

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We get the job done right the first time, with no extra cost!

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