6 Tips On Finding An Experienced Decorative Concrete Contractor In Nashville TN

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Finding a decorative concrete contractor can help turn a dull area into an aesthetic sanctuary. An experienced contractor can transform entryways, pool decks, patios, floors, and other surfaces into a wide variety of design inspirations at half the material price. 

However, be careful in choosing contractors. Inexperienced ones may unintentionally create low-quality concrete, weak foundations, and flawed designs. Read on for tips on how to find the best decorative concrete contractors in Nashville TN.

Ask Family and Friends for Recommendations

A sensible approach to finding a decorative concrete contractor is asking family and friends for recommendations. Look for contractors with highly-skilled professionals, the most advanced equipment, and excellent customer support, including after-sales services. Your family and friends will give you an idea of the quality of a contractor’s work. 

Do Your Research

Even if you get recommendations, you should still do your research.

Check Google, Yelp, or Facebook for reliable reviews. They should give you a general idea about the services and competencies a decorative concrete contractor provides. Additionally, you may check local consumer agencies for previous customer grievances — a reliable contractor should not have more than one or two complaints. Learn about the nature of the issues and how the contractor resolved them. 

Request for Contractor References

Contractor references are also reliable sources of information about a company. Try to get in touch with a previous client who got the service you require — stamped concrete, concrete staining, decorative concrete flooring, or metallic epoxy. It’s best to communicate with someone who used contractor services from years ago to check how durable the work is. 

Check the Credentials of the Company

First, make sure that the contractors you are considering are licensed and insured. They are the companies that met the state’s requirements in meeting consumer demands. Verifying their insurance coverage would also be ideal. You may call an insurance company for such information.  

Also, industry groups like the Decorative Concrete Council have groups and certifications contractors may avail. These credentials prove that contractors take their craft seriously and value continuous learning.  

Discuss Project Specifics

The next step in finding a decorative concrete contractor is discussing project specifics. The ideal contractors are those who openly communicate with you about your requirements. Reliable contractors will consider what you want but will also suggest more viable options when possible. 

Get Formal Quotations In Writing

Lastly, get formal quotations from at least three contractors — even if you are already leaning towards one. 

You will learn a lot about contractors through their quotations. Dependable contractors should have no trouble providing lengthy information about the scope and duration of their work. Expect to find preparation details, materials, cost estimates, and timelines. Typically, contractors who cut corners in their quotations will treat projects the same way. 

Keep an eye out for quotations that are significantly lower than the other estimates. These are the ones that usually provide low-quality work. Also, down payments should be around 10% or less. Be wary of contractors who ask for large sums of money upfront. 

Start Your Dream Project

Finding a decorative concrete contractor is no easy feat, but the search will be worth it. The right contractor will help you achieve your dream project at half the material cost. Check out Concrete Mystique Engraving for a reliable licensed and insured contractor in Nashville TN. They can achieve a variety of decorative concrete services: from pool decks to patios, driveways to interiors, and concrete staining and flooring to epoxy. Visit their website to learn more.

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