5 Things Nashville Property Owners Should Consider Before Staining Concrete

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5 Things Nashville Residents Should Consider Before Staining Their Concrete

Nashville Concrete Staining Contractors

Rick Lobdell, the owner of the world-renowned concrete company, together with his team of concrete artisans recommends concrete staining to homeowners who want to transform their properties without having any major construction work done on-site. This process offers unmatched magnificence with its ability to mimic an extensive range of colors and materials. 

Rick, owner of Concrete Mystique shares his enthusiasm for the concrete staining process and explains how it can be used to enhance home features. He said, “True concrete artists can make your vision come true even with a limited budget, whether you want a polished marble, tanned leather, or precious stone look. Staining existing concrete allows us to create magnificent designs for a fraction of the cost.”

Having provided a myriad of concrete staining services to homeowners and commercial spaces in Nashville, Rick has valuable advice for homeowners considering concrete staining services. 

What Is the Condition of Your Concrete?

Homeowners dreaming of stained concrete floors, a stained concrete patio, or a stained concrete driveway have to consider the condition of their concrete. Concrete is usually stain-ready unless it’s sealed with paint, oil, grease, or any material that would prevent the concrete from absorbing the stain.

Professionals have to thoroughly clean concrete surfaces to make sure the staining process works. Some concrete sealers can be both tedious and time-consuming depending on what type of sealer was used beforehand and how it’s bonded with the surface being cleaned.

How Much Time Do You Have to Work on It?

The process for outdoor concrete stain or indoor concrete stain typically takes the same amount of time. The staining process should be complete in two days, but new concrete surfaces require 21 to 28 days of curing before they can be stained. 

Experts recommend following these six steps to ensure your new concrete is properly stained:

  • Surface preparation
  • Stain application
  • Stain neutralization
  • Sealing the concrete for long-term protection

To ensure the best results, you should take these few precautions before starting your stain project.

Will You Be Staining a Large Area or Just Small Patches of Concrete?

Concrete staining is one of the most budget-friendly ways to renovate a home. While experts can effortlessly transform any part of a house, keep in mind that staining large areas will create more savings in the long run.

Additionally, the professional contractors at Nasville Concrete Mystique Engraving recommend testing the surface before starting a project. This step should help homeowners visualize colors and finishes before applying stains on large areas of the house. 

Ask Your Contractor About the Stain Base

There are two concrete stain types: acid-based and water-based. 

Acid-based stains provide longevity and higher resistance to fading. These products create a permanent bond with concrete surfaces, producing a natural-looking finish that will not chip or peel. 

On the other hand, water-based concrete stains offer more flexibility when it comes to colors. This non-reactive product fills the concrete’s pores with a colored film. Such products are easier to apply, less toxic, and faster-drying than their acid stain counterparts. 

Consult your contractor about the ideal type of base for your home. Experts should ask about your goals and budget before recommending the best stain for you. 

What Type of Look Are You Going For? Light and Natural, Dark and Dramatic, or Something in Between?

The last piece of advice from the experts of Concrete Mystique is to have a clear vision of the project. With artisans and trained professionals, concrete surfaces can offer unparalleled designs and finishes. 

Experienced decorative concrete contractors can effortlessly fulfill any project preference—light and natural, dark and dramatic, or something in between. However, once the stain soaks into the concrete, it will take substantial amounts of time and money to redo it. Before starting a concrete staining project, make sure to do your research and have a clear picture of your preferred color and finish

Achieve Your Home Goals With Reliable Concrete Staining Services

Rick and his Concrete Mystique team have won 16 national awards from the Decorative Concrete Council and 12 local ones from various Nashville competitions. They can transform any concrete surface into standout pieces that can impress any visitor. Whether you’re looking for a concrete staining contractor or resurfacing expert, contact an experienced and trained decorative concrete contractor to help you with your project.

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