What to Consider Before Getting a Concrete Driveway Installed in Nashville

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What to Consider Before Getting a Concrete Driveway Installed in Nashville

Concrete Mystique Engraving guides Nashville homeowners on five essential factors to consider before installing a concrete driveway. The company provides professional concrete driveway installations and decorative concrete art services.

Driveways play a significant role in raising the curb appeal of any home. Concrete driveways are one of the best building materials due to their durability and low maintenance properties. 

Concrete driveway installations are not easy projects. Working with a professional decorative concrete company can reduce the odds of encountering driveway issues when getting a new driveway placed, or resurfaced

Here are a few factors a client must consider before installing a concrete driveway for their Nashville home or business.

Consider the Cost of Having a Concrete Driveway Installed

Concrete is an affordable and long-lasting material, ideal for building. The cost will depend on various elements such as location, decorative additions, and demolition.

According to HomeAdvisor, upfront costs for having a concrete driveway installed may still range between $1,800 to $6,000. This translates to between $4 to $15 per square foot. The national average cost is around $3,000 or $6 per square foot of concrete. 

A DIY concrete driveway installation would cost less at about $3 to $4 per square foot. However, concrete pouring is a complex job. Starting the project without the help of a professional crew may end up costing more due to homeowners’ inexperience and mistakes.

Check If You Have Enough Space for a Large Concrete Slab or If It Can Be Built Off-Site

If you want to pour concrete, you need a lot of space around the driveway. The professionals or the homeowners might not be able to do this without enough room. Homeowners need to check their driveway and yard space beforehand. There should be enough space around the driveway to place proper supports and forms for the concrete.

Moreover, there should be enough space for people to walk around and enter the house as the concrete dries and cures. 

If there is not enough space to pour the concrete slab at the driveway itself, it is best to call on professionals like Concrete Mystique Engraving. A concrete contractor can build the large concrete slabs off-site and safely deliver them to the house.

Figure Out How Long the Installation Process Will Take

Homeowners must know how long the concrete driveway installation process will take. Time is a critical consideration when working with concrete. The material will start to harden as soon as it is poured; there is still a drying and curing process afterward.

An expert contractor should consider the excavation and preparation time as well. A DIY concrete driveway project may take homeowners at least a whole week for the preparations alone. It will take one day for the concrete to pour.

Concrete Mystique Engraving can help homeowners shorten the installation process. Professional concrete contractors can do the prep work and concrete work in a couple of days for seasoned concrete driveway contractors.

Determine the Type of Maintenance Needed

Concrete is a low-maintenance material. However, homeowners still need to know how to properly maintain a new concrete driveway to ensure its long life.

A concrete driveway only needs occasional cleaning. Spills that may discolor the surface should be cleaned immediately. Resealing your driveways every two years is necessary. This ensures that the driveway will withstand different weather conditions.

Concrete Mystique Engraving can recommend quality sealers for concrete driveways. Sealers will make your driveway last longer. They can also recommend deicing chemicals that will not damage the concrete.

Know the Potential Risks Involved With This Type of Project Before Moving Forward

Any concrete project involves potential health and safety risks. Before starting a DIY concrete driveway project, homeowners should be aware of the possibility of injuries—the dangers of DIY respiratory irritation, chemical burns, and skin irritation.

Hiring a local concrete driveway contractor is the best way to install a concrete driveway. A reliable concrete driveway contractor knows how to proceed with the project safely. They will enhance the concrete’s aesthetics and ensure high-quality results.

About Concrete Mystique Engraving

Concrete Mystique Engraving is a locally owned and operated decorative concrete company. Headed by world-renowned decorative concrete artist Rick Lobdell, the company specializes in creating stunning custom concrete driveway designs. They offer a wide array of concrete services for residential and commercial concrete clients in Nashville, TN. These services include concrete engraving, concrete staining, concrete patios, and decorative concrete art.

For inquiries or a free in-home estimate, visit concretemystique.com.

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