Common Mistakes of Nashville Homeowners on their Residential Concrete Floor Repair

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As a homeowner in the Nashville area, one of your top priorities is keeping your home looking its best. Unfortunately, some things happen to homes over time that you cannot avoid. Cracks and other signs of wear on concrete floors are among these.

Below are common mistakes homeowners make in their residential concrete floor repair.
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Not repairing cracks in the concrete.

The most common mistake Nashville homeowners commit is not repairing cracks in their concrete floors. 

Concrete is a very durable material. But over time, with enough wear and tear, cracks are inevitable. They can be an entry point for water damage to the structural elements below the flooring, such as the beams and foundation.

Cracks can also pose a tripping hazard and cause accidents. If you know your concrete flooring has cracks, don’t avoid repairing them. These can eventually expand and worsen if you don’t repair or seal them up.

Allowing water to seep through and damage underlying surfaces.

Another common mistake homeowners make is allowing water to seep through the cracks. A common cause of this is a faulty home gutter system that can lead to significant problems down the line. 

Having a sound gutter system may not prevent concrete cracking, but it will reduce the risk of water penetration from any cracks that do happen.

Even so, water on exterior concrete surfaces can still be a source of structural damage.

Covering up a crack with paint or sealant, which will eventually peel off.

Covering up cracks in the concrete is another pitfall for homeowners. Often, they will cover up cracks with paint or sealant. This method can cause further problems down the line if it starts to peel off. Once the sealant breaks down, water can penetrate and cause more problems in the future.

Homeowners often think that the best course of action is to “seal over” the cracked area. This option can be counterproductive because it will trap water under the surface. Eventually, it will lead to more damage that requires even bigger fixes later on.

Not conducting a home concrete floor inspection.

Failing to inspect the floor for other problems like spalling and efflorescence is an oversight by homeowners. If not repaired, these problems can lead to more structural damage. 

Spalling means that the concrete has lost significant strength and integrity. In some cases, it can be as serious as a safety hazard. It can wear down the surface over time and cause bigger cracks.

Efflorescence indicates water penetrating below the flooring due to poor drainage or inadequate waterproofing. 

Choosing an improper repair method such as using mortar instead of epoxy resin to fill a large crack.

Not choosing an epoxy resin-based filler for repairing concrete flooring issues is an error.

Mortar is a traditional material used for cracks, and it eventually wears down or chips away like paint over time, requiring further repairs down the line.

Choosing a cheap filler instead of epoxy resin seems like an appealing idea. But it will cost money in the future when you have to fix it again. But, epoxy resin-based fillers can last 20 or more years and save money compared to mortar repair jobs requiring constant attention.

This mistake is usually due to a lack of professional advice and input about concrete slabs or foundation repair. 

Not getting a professional to do the job.

Lastly, not getting a professional to do the job is one big mistake homeowners make. If you do not have any experience in residential concrete leveling, choosing the proper materials and methods needed for your project can be challenging. Not to mention that you need to do the concrete repair jobs accurately, or else they won’t last as long as they should. You do not want to end throwing away your money on a do-it-yourself job that has to be fixed again in the future. 

Avoid these mistakes by hiring a professional concrete repair company!

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