The Pros and Cons of Concrete Pool Decks

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Concrete Pool Deck
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Installing a beautiful concrete pool deck on a home can increase any residence’s visual appeal. However, although concrete pool decks provide numerous benefits to homeowners, they also have a few downsides. That’s why Concrete Mystique put together some prevalent pros and cons of concrete pool decks.

Concrete Mystique is one of Antioch, TN’s leading concrete service companies. Its team specializes in installing, maintaining, and repairing concrete surfaces of all sizes, shapes, and designs, ensuring homeowners receive top-notch service every time they contact its team. From stamped concrete pool deck resurfacing to driveway repair, no job is too big or too small for the Concrete Mystique team.

Concrete Pool Deck Pros and Cons

Concrete is one of the leading pool deck materials in Tennessee. Its durable yet alluring nature enhances the deck’s visual appeal while ensuring it withstands the test of time. However, concrete pool decks carry several pros and cons homeowners must consider before installing one in their homes.

Below are some prevalent pros and cons of pool decks.



Concrete is one of the most cost-effective pool deck materials on the market today. In fact, concrete costs 50% less than other popular deck materials. Homeowners can install a high-quality stamped concrete pool deck or stained concrete pool deck at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing their property’s appearance.


Concrete pool decks are exceedingly versatile and come in several colors and designs. Most professional installation services offer several stained concrete pool deck finishes and stamped concrete variations that will take a home’s appearance to the next level.



Water often makes stamped concrete pool decks slippery, increasing the chances of someone slipping and injuring themselves. Stamped concrete often features a top layer sealer that increases the surface’s slickness. However, broomed, textured, or plain concrete isn’t as slippery as stamped variations, so keep that in mind while shopping for a pool deck.

Prone to Cracks

It’s no secret that concrete often cracks over time. The cracks can significantly decrease a pool deck’s allure, making many homeowners hesitant about installing a concrete model on their property. However, most professional concrete repair services like Concrete Mystique offer first-class concrete repair and can breathe new life into damaged concrete pool decks swiftly and efficiently.

Contact Concrete Mystique for Superior Concrete Pool Deck Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Services

Concrete Mystique is Antioch, TN’s number one choice for concrete pool deck installation, repair, and maintenance services. Its team has installed and maintained countless concrete pool decks across the greater Antioch area, giving its technicians the skills to handle any project homeowners throw their way. Whether homeowners need to install stamped concrete around a pool or repair their concrete walkways, Concrete Mystique is here to help.

Don’t trust the inexperienced concrete service company that appears after googling “Pool deck resurfacing near me.” Give Concrete Mystique a call at (615) 828-3806 or visit their website and become one step closer to a gorgeous concrete pool deck today!

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