How to Prevent Your Epoxy Flooring from Peeling and Chipping

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Metallic Epoxy Floor
A new hardwood floor is an investment in your home. It can be a delight to look at and feel, but it needs protection from the furniture that will soon be covering it. For some people, it may be difficult to find time in their busy schedules to care for their floors.

Fortunately, a few things can be done around the house that will make all the difference in the way you protect your new epoxy floor. Let's get started!
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Use a high-quality epoxy that has been designed to be durable

The better the quality of the epoxy, the more durable and less likely it will peel or chip. There are many different types of epoxies on the market, including metallic epoxy flooring. Metallic epoxy has been designed to be used for specific applications. For example, there are specialty coatings for garage floors that can withstand industrial foot traffic. These types of flooring may cost more upfront, but in the long run, they save money because they last longer than cheaper alternatives. It’s essential to consult with a trusted and reliable Nashville, TN, epoxy flooring contractor.

Apply the flooring in a single  layer and allow it to dry for at least 24 hours before adding another coat

The last thing that you want to do is spend money on your new epoxy flooring installation, only to have it start peeling and chipping right away. That’s why it’s crucial to hire a professional epoxy flooring contractor. They know how to work around the complex installations of residential and commercial epoxy. They know the proper way to apply the epoxy floor coating in a single layer and let it dry for at least 24 hours before adding another coat of epoxy. The drying time will allow the first layer of epoxy to cure into a solid protective barrier against wear and tear.

Avoid using furniture on your new flooring until it is fully cured

Epoxy coating is a highly durable finish that can last up to 25 years without any significant wear and tear. During the installation process, there are many fine particles of dust and debris from sanding that will make their way into your home. Furniture will scratch the surface of the flooring and cause permanent damage. So to avoid dents and scratches on your floor, place felt pads under the legs of furniture that will be sitting on the floor. This prevents scratches from happening and also provides a cushioning effect for heavy pieces like couches or chairs. 

Be sure not to pour any liquids onto your newly installed epoxy flooring 

Epoxy floors are made with liquid resin and hardener combined. So pouring anything on a newly installed epoxy floor will cause the bonds in the mixture to break down. The liquid will seep into the epoxy concrete surface and cause it to peel off prematurely, which is costly and time-consuming to fix. Spray water onto any liquid spills as soon as they happen, then use a dry rag to soak up anything left behind before it has time to seep into the wood. The best solution is prevention. Keep drinks away from your new flooring at all times!

Keep an eye out for anything that could scratch or dent your new floors

But what do you do if your new floors become scratched or dented after all the hard work and money you put into them? You can’t just let this happen! There are three things to keep an eye out for: heavy furniture like pianos, pets with long claws, and children playing on your newly installed floors. The good news is, epoxy floors can be refinished when they become scratched up from normal wear and tear.

Make Your Epoxy Floor Last Longer Without Costly Maintenance

With these simple metallic epoxy flooring tips, you can be sure that your epoxy concrete floor will last for many years to come. Keeping the epoxy floors sealed and protected from dirt with a quick sweep or vacuum is all it takes! It’s not too much work, and the payoff of protecting your floors and keeping them to last for decades is worth so much more than the money spent.

Now that you’re armed with all the knowledge about epoxy flooring and what they need for optimal protection, it’s time to take action! Get started today by calling DreamCrete Custom Creations! We are the premier epoxy flooring Nashville, TN contractor that residents and businesses rely upon. Contact Concrete Mystique Engraving today to request a free quote!

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